Oil Leak 30 …..who exactly are the CFPA supposed to be benefitting?

You may have missed this article in the P&J on Christmas Eve – https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/business/north-of-scotland/1123772/global-threatens-to-take-trust-port-to-court-over-new-rates/

It tells the story about Global threatening court action over price hikes in port charges. It’s moving off topic for us, but that’s what oil leaks is about. This part is interesting:

  • Mr MacGregor said he believed that the energy park and other businesses operating on the firth were being “penalised” and that the new charges would effect the local economy and jobs at a time when the oil and sector was “on its knees.” ………………..“These are not the actions of a trust port operating in the best interests of their stakeholders at a time when the marketplace is so difficult.”

In response, port CEO Bob Buskie said:

  • the new pricing structure modernised and simplified charges with the aim of making the port more competitive, protecting jobs and stimulating the local economy. He said all the trust port’s clients would be paying the same or less form January 1, except in “exceptional circumstances.”

So, Mr MacGregor says he’ll be paying more, Mr Buskie say’s he will pay the same or less…….unless there are exceptional circumstances. I’ve no idea what that means, however, given the the half truths & lies told in the STS campaign I know who I’d be more likely to believe!

Well it seems that it not just Mr MacGregor that thinks the Port are acting out of turn – Bannermans of Tain, who owns the Admiralty Pier  and until recently, was a partner with the CFPA in the Cruise Highland joint-venture, are also challenging the new charging regime. According to the P&J:

  • The company is understood to have contacted the trust port yesterday “strongly objecting” to its implementation.

OK, so you have a major company that owns many of the businesses around the firth, a jilted partner of the Port and 24 community councils,  all are majorly annoyed with the CFPA. We agree with Mr MacGregor – these most certainly are not the actions of a trust port operating in the best interests of their stakeholders. The Cromarty Firth is our asset, it belong to the people of Scotland and not the CFPA – they are meant to be managing it on our behalf  – does it sound like they are doing this well?