Oil Leak 37 Outside interests

OK, quiz time, what do Bob Buskie, Zenia Sawaya-Melville and Martin Brayshaw have in common?

Well 3 things actually.

  1. They were all employed by the Cromarty Firth of Port Authority or one of its sub-companies. Mr Buskie is of course the CEO, Ms Sawaya-Melville has been employed as “Port Development Advisor” since 2014 (see https://uk.linkedin.com/in/zeina-sawaya-melville-07ab44) and Mr Brayshaw is of course managing director of Port of Cromarty Firth Services Ltd (PoCFS) ( http://www.cromartyfirthservices.co.uk/Contact-Us.aspxhttps://uk.linkedin.com/in/martin-brayshaw-a4b739a).
  2. They all worked for Sparrows Group – Mr Buskie as Director of Business Development (leaving 2013)   Ms Sawaya-Melville 2007-20014, ending up as commercial director, Mr Brayshaw since 2010 as finance and business improvement executive, presumably joining PoCFS in June 2014.
  3. They are all members of a limited liability partnership (along with 35 others) called HAWK MIP LLP (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/OC366820/officers). All appointed on 12th March 2012 (before they joined CFPA). HAWK MIP is a loan note business. By the looks of their interests, providing investment to the oil industry – we’ll look at this in a bit more detail another day.

Now, were not saying anything is wrong with this – ex-colleagues often work together in the world of business or have other business arrangements on the side. No doubt this will have been fully declared – however, as it was brought to our attention, we thought this might be of interest to you.