Oil Leak 40 ………..Nairn don’t count

According to todays article in the P&J – the CFPA have dismissed Drew Hendry MP’s survey as “only representing 2% of the population” although they have acknowledged that they will take their view into account. Yet again, the implication is that there is a silent majority in favour. Drew Hendry reports 98% opposition from his poll. The fact that 300 people have taken the time to fill in the survey says something about level of local opposition. We in Cromarty are not in Mr Hendry’s constituency and therefore would not be able to fill in the poll. However if you are in Inverness or Nairn or anywhere else in Drew’s constituency then please taken the time to fill in his survey. http://www.drewhendrymp.scot/ship-ship-transfers/

This is yet another example of the CFPA dismissing the legitimate views of stakeholders. Where are all these people in favour? Speak out now.