Oil Leak 53 The Scottish Parliament Petition is now LIVE

OK folks, this is important. This is our big chance to get the issue of ship to ship oil transfers and trust port accountability heard in the Scottish Parliament – please take a minute to sign the petition, even if you signed all the other ones already – a lot of signatures would send a very strong message. You can sign it here: http://www.parliament.scot/GettingInvolved/Petitions/shiptoshiptransfers ; share it with all your friends, family and colleagues wherever they are, put it on social media, print it out and collect signatures on paper – lets send a loud and clear message to our Parliament:

1. this cannot be allowed to happen in environmentally sensitive waters – the risks far outweigh any financial gain

2. Trust Ports need to be accountable to their stakeholders – thats you and me. Currently they are not and if you don’t like what they are doing all you can do is take them to court. That is wrong.

Talking of court, we have been busy behind the scenes this week – our lawyers sent a letter to the MCA today. It deals with an extremely significant issue that we have uncovered. We understand our letter was taken very seriously and it went straight upstairs to the Minister and now has his attention. We can’t divulge the content just yet, not until we get an answer at least but promise to share as soon we can.

We’ve been fighting this for over a year now and it would be nice to think this would stop things dead in the water but if it doesn’t we will fight on for another year, another ten if we need to. Sign the Scottish Parliament petition please and lets see what our politicians can do.