Oil Leak 55 …..Some Clarity and Forres make 25

Some clarification on last night’s oil leak – we’ve seen statements from both the MCA and the Port Authority – the CFPA are in denial that anything has changed (there’s a surprise) while the MCA statement clearly confirms that the port have been directed to withdraw their current application and submit a new one. The MCA also state that there will be a new application and that the MCA will contact all respondents to let them know about the new consultation. That doesn’t sound like the port are going to give up then or that the MCA even expect them to give up – shame. We’ve issued the following statement:

“The CFPA appear to be in denial over what has been reported on the STV News (see: http://player.stv.tv/episode/3f7d/stv-news-national/) – we were aware that the MCA intended putting out a press release to his effect and although we have not had sight of it the STV news item clearly states that the CFPA have been directed to withdraw their current application and submit a new one. Given that 25 community councils surrounding the firth oppose this application, nearly 20,000 have signed a petition, and another petition is making its way through the Scottish Parliament  – we consider that the CFPA should listen to their stakeholders who are telling them loud and clear that they do not want STS at sea. If the CFPA choose to continue to ignore the communities surrounding the Moray Firth, then we have no choice but to call for the resignation of the Chairman and Chief Executive.”

As we said, the gloves are now off. We have no confidence in the ability of these individuals to undertaken their current roles – if they insist on putting us through all this again then they must go, simple as that. It’s not what we set out to achieve but it is becoming clear that this will not stop until those driving this are removed.

As the Port Authority’s house of cards starts to crumble we are delighted to announce that Forres Community Council has now come out in opposition to the CFPA’s plans. That makes 25 Community Councils that are in opposition to this ludicrous plan. We can only hope that Mr Buskie finally sees that he’s not going to win this and stop wasting everyone’s time and come out and tell us that he’s dropped it for good. Maybe wishful thinking but will be interesting to see what they put in the press. If he doesn’t of course, then on we fight, however he should be under no illusion that the gloves will be coming off for the next round.

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