Oil Leak 72 Scottish Parliament Petition

As the Scottish Parliament Petition approaches 2000 signatures we thought we’d share with you some of the comments left there in relation to STS – hopefully the Scottish Parliament will listen to these wise words. We hope the CFPA will also listen. If you haven’t done so already, please sign the petition and encourage friends, family and colleagues to do so also – it closes for signatures on 17th February – that’s only a week away. See:


Selected comments:

“Scottish parliament – dolphins don’t have access to email – help them…”

“This was wrong a decade ago in the Firth of Forth, the current plan in the Moray Firth is wrong. We need prevent our environment and economy being damaged by these ill thought out plans and ensure that ports are accountable to their stakeholders in the future and not themselves.”

“There are two issues here. there is the environmental one about where it is proposed to have Ship to Ship Transfers. There is also a wider one about the constraints on the activities of a Trust Port and the behaviour of their officers.”

“The oil transfer process is not risk free. The environment and wildlife must be safeguarded. The tourism economy is threatened simply by the visual intrusion of tankers on the seascape, never mind the after effects of just the odd minor spill. Not worth the risk!”

“I believe that allowing ship to ship transfer in the Moray Firth runs the very real risk of destroying a fantastic marine habitat and a visitors haven for years to come following a leak. It does not make economic sense for the wider community only for CFPA and they should be made to listen to local people who would be affected by their potential actions”

“Our marine wildlife is so precious and already suffers enough disruption from the ships and industry we have now on our seas, there is a safe alternative at the Nigg jetty where STS transfers have taken place for the last 30 years – safeguard those jobs. I want future generations to know we realised our environment is priceless and protected it against those that seek short term financial profit against the wishes of the people who love our land and seas.”

“Please put an end to this madness now!”

“Why do we let greedy people destroy the things we love. What right does this company have to do so. I say NONE, well not in any fair society. So let us play fair and reject this dangerous proposal. Let us speak out for the environment, the sea and it’s creatures and for the future visitors to this naturally beautiful coastline, it’s about time we did before it becomes to late. For me saying NO is the moral and decent choice. NO SHIP to SHIP TRANSFERS.”

“An extraordinarily inappropriate proposal. There is far too much irreparably at risk if it goes ahead.”

“This plan is from the Donald Trump business school!”

“In these routine functions there is inevitably risk. cannot believe this is even contemplated due to risk to wildlife, holiday activity, non industrial shipping, coastal fishing, migration of salmon and risk to beach rating plus enclosed nature of firth waters as opposed to open sea dispersal of any contamination.”

“Our dolphins are more important than the financial savings!”

“It is with a great sense of disbelief that there people who are determined to destroy a natural balance, shame shame on them.”

“It is about time the Scottish Government stood up for the people who would be adversely affected by this ill thought out proposal if implemented. It is frustrating to see the “big boys” with all their resources try to trample on the Cromarty Firth and Inner Moray Firth communities.”

“to borrow a quote – the pockets of a few, should not come before the good of the many…”

“There are some things that money can’t buy. Scotland’ natural beauty is sacrosanct”

“Why would anyone even contemplate risking the destruction of such a delicate marine environment? And why are the Highland Council not fighting this!? ££££££”

“There has to be environmental legislation in place, backed up by appropriately heavy fines, including imprisonment, to protect environmentally sensitive locations from ship to ship oil transfers. Ship to ship oil transfers pose enormous risks to wildlife and local economies. This is the first time I have engaged in a campaign such as this, but as a former wildlife photographer and person taking part in beached bird survey, I have seen the horrific effects of pollution on our environment.”

“This issue is so important. It challenges Scottish Government to show that it cares more for the environment than the prospect of a paltry profit at any cost. Come on Scot Gov show us that you really do care”

“They always say it’s safe until it goes wrong , then there’s no way back”

“I am very unhappy that these sort of applications can be pushed through by the uninformed few members of a Trust of a Port Authority, without a Local Council having the full implications of the negative effects of such an application before them while making their initial decisions, and on the final decision of one remote Westminster Minister. All this, against the interests of the local environment and the views of it’s surrounding communities is completely unacceptable in my opinion and I ask that the Scottish Parliament take every step possible, within the law, to protect our precious shores, ecology, wildlife, tourist industry and employment against this negative, careless profiteering for short term gain, type of application.”