Oil Leak 96 Nigg Harbour bid “news to us”

So the headline read in Friday’s Ross-shire Journal – http://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/News/Nigg-harbour-bid-news-to-us-says-Invergordon-based-port-authority-01032017.htm – Bob Buskie claims to have been kept in the dark about Global’s revived plans to set up it own port under a Harbour Empowerment Order. Now you know what it feels like Bob.

The article notes:

Many sizeable Scottish Ports including Aberdeen, Lerwick, Peterhead, Montrose and Cromarty Firth are bodies known as Trust Ports. Whilst private companies – such as Global Energy Group – make a profit that is distributed for the benefit of shareholders, a trust port makes a surplus, which is reinvested back into the port operation for the benefit of stakeholders.

Bob Buskie is quoted:

“Beneficiaries include local communities, regional businesses, and local and national government.”

Fine words, but hold on a minute Bob – where’s the so-called benefit the CFPA to local communities outside Invergordon?

Do we support Global’s bid? Well its not our war to fight. However the Harbour Empowerment Order would give global development rights – we are unclear if this outwith the planning system i.e. permitted development. Given our experience with CFPA, increasing permitted development, outwit the scrutiny of the planning system cannot be a good thing – we will be keeping a very close eye on the forthcoming consultation from the “Port of Nigg.”