Oil Leak 127 The marine lab response

As reported in oil leak 126, we have received an extensive FOI from the Scottish Government. Here’s what an unknown correspondent from the Marine Lab put back to Marine Scotland for their first response that was never submitted.

What are the main points?

  • they are not convinced by the statement “the seabed will recover within one year”
  • they have question the statement that the “benthic diversity is lower at the STS locations than in the Cromarty Firth
  • any impact of an oil spill will be greater than moderate and persistent
  • the residual impact would be significant
  • many habitats near to the STS location are subject to impact
  • the “1 tonne max spill volume” is questioned
  • a worse case scenario approach should be looked at when considering impact of an oil spill which should review the impact of a large scale oil spill on the environment

Pretty much along the lines of what we’ve been saying all along – it is nice to have some independent vindication from the Marine Lab, even if the response was buried.

Much more to follow.