Oil Leak 141 A question of trust – part 5

“Keep in touch with local people is vital. says port chief”????? For real? Or may be the editor missed out the bit in bracket – (Unless it’s anything to do with STS).

“We have been managing the whole of the Cromarty Firth for the benefit of everyone who wants to do business here or visit as tourist” – we must ask the B&B’s, restaurants, hotels, eco-tourism operators, bird watchers, dolphin watchers, coastal walkers, fishermen what they think about that.

“Local people are seeing that it’s fresh, different and open – and that were trying to do our best for everybody”.  We are nearly speechless with the audacity of this statement – local people are seeing an increasingly autocratic port that will do whatever it wants at the cost of local business, communities and environment – that would certainly bye the impression we get from their STS plans.