Oil Leak 144 Ask your councillor what they think?

The council elections – May 4th – remember them? Well, it appears that we are having our very own Black Isle hustings this Tuesday 25th April in Fortrose Community Theatre (7.30pm – 9pm). A great chance for you to find out who you are voting for and importantly what they think about STS! Cromarty Rising have submitted 3 questions for all candidates to answer. We will be listening closely and will update the answers here. If you don’t live on the Black Isle ward, ask YOUR candidates what their position is on STS and what they are going to to do to oppose it. We had originally hoped to ask all potential candidates, however, email addresses are limited as are websites and manifesto’s – there have been a few through the door of course, but how can you run an election like this when you can’t find out what half the candidates stand for! If you are in the Black Isle Ward you can submit question up to 12 on Monday 24th to: fortroseandrosemarkie@gmail.com

More on council candidates following the meeting.

Although we are not in the business of playing politics we must highlight and thank sitting Black Isle councillor Craig Fraser for the work he has undertaken and continues to undertake. He has listened to his constituents on STS and worked tirelessly since the start of the campaign in December 2015. It’s a pity we couldn’t say the same for all of his fellow sitting Black Isle colleagues.