Oil Leak 146 A question of trust -part 8

As a final thought we thought we’d share the port’s graphic, or part of it, that show’s how important the environment is to them – Wintering birds? They seem to have forgotten the birds that are here year round as they only highlight the importance of wintering birds – there are of course the terns but also nesting Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Shags, Fulmars and black Guillemots and Cormorants – in fact, the North Sutor is one of Scotland’s largest Cormorant colonies – if you cared that much about the environment, why would you not bother to take the time to find this out. The bottlenose dolphins actually don’t stop at Dundee – a completely ridiculous statement  – they are the same population found in the Firth of Forth and beyond – of course the Firth of Forth was where the last STS application was thrown out due to the furore cause by the impact on birds and dolphins! Finally – we can’t resist pointing out the box on the top right – which shows the RAMSAR (SAC) – of course RAMSAR site are bird related and are not classified as Special Area’s of Conservation (SAC’s). Perhaps it is Special Protection Area (SPA) they meant. An honest mistake, maybe, and nitpicking, yes,  but if you can’t event  be bothered to get the your facts straight in your publicity material, what hope is there for transferring millions of tons of crude oil in this place!