Oil Leak 156 Ministerial Correspondence 1

The Scottish Government has recently taken it on itself to publish it Ministerial Correspondence on STS, so over the next while days we will be sharing that with you. Sadly its not very exciting, but shows the common theme in the correspondence “its nothing to do with us”.

To show that we will happily publish all sides of the argument, the first letter is to Nicola Sturgeon, from a pro-STS correspondent. He claims that he is yet to see the evidence to support the case against transfers. Well, I guess he hasn’t been following “oil leaks” or browsing the CR site. If the correspondent is reading this and recognises their letter then we’d be delighted to sit down with them and present the evidence.

Here’s the letter – no response is evident but if we find it, we’ll print it:

Ministerial Correspondence 1