Oil Leak 160 Politics

As the dust settles after the council elections we would like to congratulate Cllrs Craig Fraser, Jennifer Barclay and Gordon Adam on their election to the Highland Council representing the Black Isle ward. Cllr Fraser has been an outspoken opponent of STS from the start, Cllr Barclay has been silent, however we were delighted to see her opposition to STS in her election leaflet. Cllr Adam is new to the council but stood firmly as an opponent of STS. A fantastic result – we look forward to working with all our councillors in sending a clear message to the Highland Council that STS at sea is not acceptable. Ideally, the second application will not come and we believe the Scottish Parliament will have a key role to play in that. Following unanimous opposition during last week’s debate, we are expecting the issue to return to the petitions committee – in Mark Ruskell’s speech he suggested that the appropriate action would be to pass on the issue to the environment committee where it could be scrutinised in detail – we look forward to that although I expect the Port Authority are don’t as they will be pulled in to be questioned!

We also have a general election looming and this is an ideal time to get our Highland MP’s and prospective MP’s to state their position on STS and ask them what they will do about it if elected. We should know who the candidates are later this week. Remember that we have been told all along this is a reserved issue so it is important that our MP’s representing us in Westminster are reminded that we expect them to work for us!