Oil Leak 225 The MCA response – part 3

More from the MCA’s “notes” on the 2015 CFPA application:

……not enough evidence to support the statement that the risk of fire and explosion is very low.  We are not experts in fire risk however, our attention was drawn to this: http://www.goodforgas.com/documents/appnotes/AP1014_monitoring_toxic_VOCs_in_oil_industry_applications_02_18_13.pdf

“Most VOC vapors are flammable at surprisingly low concentrations. For most VOCs however, the toxic exposure limit is exceeded long before readings reach a concentration high enough to trigger a combustible range alarm.”

Going back to Bob Buskie’s “its just like filling up a car scenario” – at a petrol station you can’t use a mobile phone due to the potential ignition risk of the volatile components. What about STS – tonnes of VOC’s will be released. How big an exclusion zone do you need to ensure there is no fire risk? How will this exclusion zone be maintained?