Oil Leak 265 UXO’s at Nairn.

Apologies for the break in oil leaks over the last few days……some technical issues at this end.

You may have read in the P&J earlier in the week about the 4 unexploded WWII bombs that washed up on the shore about 7 miles east of Nairn – not for the first time – we’ve had them at Nairn and Rosemarkie before and various places along the coast. This is an issue we have highlighted previously but it just shows you the amount of unexploded ordnance out there. A lot of it is still live and floating about – not a very good combination to have with oil tankers at anchor in the firth – not only is there a collision risk which could result in detonation – anchors dropping on top of munitions or heavy anchor chains arcing on the sea bed could have disastrous results. This is an issue that was completely ignored in the Port’s last application.