Oil Leak 288 Culture of Complacency

More from the Deepwater Horizon Report:

”In the years before the Macondo blowout, neither industry nor government adequately addressed these risks. Investments in safety, containment, and response equipment and practices failed to keep pace with the rapid move into deepwater drilling. Absent major crises, and given the remarkable financial returns available from deepwater reserves, the business culture succumbed to a false sense of security. The Deepwater Horizon disaster exhibits the costs of a culture of complacency.”

Indeed it does, sadly. While DWH was a very different scenario – the cost to communities and the environment if something goes wrong with STS would be huge – from the first application it is very clear that there was indeed a “culture of complacency” – even a well thought out application is a risk too far, while the CFPA proposal is an accident waiting to happen.