Oil Leak 291 Scottish Fracking Ban

So, the Scottish Government can ban fracking in the face of overwhelming public opposition:


To quote the BBC:

Mr Wheelhouse said the consultation came back with “overwhelming” opposition to fracking, with 99% of the 60,000 respondents supporting a ban. He said this showed that “there is no social licence for unconventional oil and gas to be taken forward at this time”

Now, compare that with STS – over 100,000 people have signed a petition opposing STS in an environmentally sensitive area. There is no “social licence” for STS in protected areas. As we all know, the power to grant licence grant an STS licence is not devolved – it is reserved to the UK government. But wait a minute – the power to grant a fracking licence is also reserved! Fracking has been stopped under Scottish planning policy. STS in environmentally sensitive areas could similarly be stopped if the Scottish Government refused to issue and EPS licence in such areas or amended Scottish Planning Policy – why will our government not do this? More people have objected to STS than fracking in Scotland. Why the double standard from the Scottish Government? We urge you to write to your MSP’s and ask.