Oil Leak 294 Better Management

http://www.cromartyrising.com/wp-admin/options-general.phpAnother from the Deepwater Horizon Report

“The well blew out because a number of separate risk factors, oversights, and outright mistakes combined to overwhelm the safeguards meant to prevent just such an event from happening. But most of the mistakes and oversights at Macondo can be traced back to a single overarching failure—a failure of management. Better management ……. would almost certainly have prevented the blowout by improving the ability of individuals involved to identify the risks they faced, and to properly evaluate, communicate, and address them. A blowout in deepwater was not a statistical inevitability”

Just the same as an accident in the Moray Firth is not a statistical inevitability – it all comes down to management – given the first STS application, does anyone really think STS can be undertaken safely at sea in the Firth?