Oil Leak 11 Bob Buskie Wont Do Anything Statutory Consultees Don’t Allow Him to Do

A soundbite from the Port AGM, CEO Bob Buskie tells us that the CFPA are not going to do anything that SEPA, SNH, the Highland Council, Marine Scotland and RSPB don’t allow them to do. We he could save a load of consultants fees by listening to what they tell him:

  • SEPA “object to the granting of a Ship to Ship transfer licence until the highlighted concerns are addressed.” These concerns are many and varied and relate to ballast water, VOC’s and oil spill planning
  • SNH say that the proposal is “likely to have a significant effect on a number of European designated sites” and that “it may not be possible to conclude no adverse effect on site integrity, particularly in relation to the Moray Firth Special Area of Conservation (dolphins).”
  • RSPB Scotland “objects to the application for an oil transfer licence for the new location in CFPA harbour waters”
  • HIGHLAND COUNCIL are neutral but at least recognised the “potential for significant negative environmental and biodiversity effect”. We beg to question how the Highland Council can sit on the fence when this plan will negatively impact the Highland environment and businesses that depend on it. It is particularly ironic after they spent £350,000 making improvements at Chanonry Point to improve the visitor experience for dolphin watchers. It will be a prime viewpoint for oil tankers with all STS anchorages clearly visible. We can’t really see tanker watching taking off in the same way as dolphin watching but maybe all those communities that the CFPA’s post truth media machine insist are in favour will show solidarity with the port and use it for that purpose!
  • MARINE SCOTLAND, wrote a response but didn’t submit it. Why? We’re yet to find out. We will make sure they are not silent when the application is resubmitted.

Sadly it is not up to the statutory consultees to allow or disallow this – it is solely the remit of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency who can choose or not choose to listen to the advice of these consultees. The further work being done will answer the questions of the “conusultees that that we need to consult with.” Sadly those consultees are not the people who live and work around the Cromarty Firth, make their living from the Cromarty Firth, never mind the people of the Moray Coast. Then there’s experts like Prof Paul Thompson and his team or Whale and Dolphin Conservation. No-one understands the ecology of the Moray Firth bottlenose dolphins better – they are not worthy of consultation. Listen to Mr Buskie yourself: