Oil leak 182 Cromarty Hustings Update

For those of you in Skye, Ross and Lochaber constituency, Cromarty Rising attended the hustings this evening in Cromarty. Four candidates were present from SNP, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives & Unionists and Scottish Labour. When posed the question about what they would about STS, both SNP and LD were unequivocal in their responses that they would support the communities and do everything in their power to oppose STS. Both the conservative and labour candidates highlighted that they had concerns but but would not oppose – instead they would ensure that the communities concerns were heard and they would encourage the Port to engage with communities in the next application (or words to that effect). This has never been about politics, its bigger than this, but we know who we will NOT be voting for. It is particularly disappointing given the Scottish Parliament debate and the positions of Labour and Conservative which were apparently opposing STS – sadly when we take this to a UK stage, it appears not to be the position of either of these parties.