Oil Leak 193 Politicians

So, here we are in the aftermath of the general election – 2 local SNP MP’s are unemployed – we now have Liberal, Jamie Stone in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross and Conservative, Douglas Ross in Moray. Ian Blackford is re-elected as is Drew Hendry. Ian Blackford has given an unreserved commitment to do whatever he can to support communities fighting STS – we expect and indeed, demand, that he keeps his word. We expect the other politicians to follow suit – ignore your electorate at your peril. This is a lesson that Paul Monaghan and Angus Robertson learned the hard way. It’s one that the Scottish Government would do well to take heed of and up their game when it comes to listening to and supporting communities fighting STS. This week Cromarty Rising intend to ramp up the pressure!