Oil leak 80 What happened to the £4Million?

Lets go back to 2014, the CFPA got a £4million handout from Highlands Islands Enterprise for it phase 3 – it was a grant – on top of another £11 million or so in European funding. The job was to reclaim a chunk of the Cromarty Firth to build a new lay-down area and quayside. It was going to create 600 new jobs. Don’t believe us? – look here: http://news.hie.co.uk/all-news/hie-invests-4-million-in-port-of-cromarty-firth-600-jobs-to-be-created/

“The 35 acre Invergordon Service Base, operated by the Port of Cromarty Firth, has been close to capacity for many years and this funding sees an additional nine acres of land reclaimed. The investment forms part of an ongoing programme by the Port and could support hundreds of jobs in the Highlands and Islands and across Scotland.”

How does this sit against this article in the Record last January entitled “Scotland’s oil crisis: People in Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth are feeling the pinch because of its dependence on the offshore industry”


Simple question – where are those 600 jobs? How did HIE measure the return on its investment? Will HIE be investing more of our money in phase 4? None of this of course would come under scrutiny if the Port hadn’t insisted that their STS plan will fund interest payments on loans for phase 4 port expansion.