Oil Leak 94 Global Make a fresh bid for port status

According to last week’s news reports Global who own the Nigg site, are to make a fresh bid for port status – http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/News/Global-make-new-port-bid-for-Nigg-site-27022017.htm

No doubt this is in response to the CFPA’s reputed hike in port charges. You may remember that Global attempted to do this before and all hell broke loose. This time the port will only cover the dry dock and quayside etc and no the Cromarty Firth itself.

We are not sure what this means for STS – on one hand it gives the CFPA another front to fight on and therefore may damp their enthusiasm for their STS conflict. On the other hand of course, if Global were to be successful then the CFPA will lose a chunk of their income making STS even more important. Of course it may mean that the loss of revenue is so large that it kills their Phase 4 expansion and the need for STS.

We will watch with interest!