Oil Leak 159 There’s only one anchorage left…….

It’s official – there’s only one anchorage proposed now – we’ve been aware of this rumour for a long time, but this is from Intertek’s Appropriate Assessment scoping document. It doesn’t mean we’ve won – it just means that they have realised that the 4 anchorages off the south sutor are not fit for purpose – try fitting a tanker with a 20m draught in 14m of water – I guess no-one looked at that when they were making plans. The remaining anchorage is still within the SAC and is actually nearer the cormorant colony on the north sutor. From the last round of modelling a discharge from this anchorage in a SE wind resulted in oil beaching at Shandwick within 2.7hrs. An east wind and a rising tide – how long would it take to reach the north sutor?