Oil Leak 232 The MCA response – part 10

Next from the MCA’s notes on the 2015 application:

Another good point – however if you do the sums – (see

STS at anchor will be charged at 6.3p per tonne per tanker – so at total of 12.6p per tonne per transferred. In order to generate the income that the CFPA say they will (£550,000 – £750,000 depending on which interview you read), they will need to transfer somewhere between 4.3million to 6million tonnes of crude – not quite the maximum they have applied for but significant more than has EVER been transferred at the jetty. Here’s the sting in the tail for the jetty operations – transfers to/from tanks will be charge at 42p per tonne – while in line with rest of U.K. charges – it is over 3 times more expensive than undertaking the process at sea. What company would transfer oil to and from Nigg Terminal when they can do it for a third of the price at sea? An ethical one maybe! It seems that these charges are extremely anticompetitive – favouring the CFPA’s own scheme over relative safe transfer at Nigg. It is the CFPA that set the charges and these would appear to hugely disadvantage existing operations at Nigg in favour of their own scheme. Is this even legal?
We will be submitting this in evidence in support of our ongoing Scottish Parliament petition.